Ralev Dental Incorporated

Our company profile

  1. Name of the company - Ralev Dental Incorporated, Bulgaria - established in August 2007, received a trade license from the Bulgarian Drug Agency - in August 2008

  2. Main activity - trading with dental materials, equipment, instruments, organizing of seminars about dentistry, maxillofacial surgery and implantology. On every dental show in Bulgaria we have a booth, welcome there to see our company team! In the last two years we try to wxpand our business in medical devices too - about common surgery, ENT - surgery, orthopaedics, gynaecology etc.

  3. Employees - 8 sales people, each of them responsible for some specific region of the country of Bulgaria, office manager - Elena Georgieva, CEO - dr. Ventseslav Ralev

  4. Main office - in Plovdiv, Bulgaria, additional offices in Gorna Orjahovitsa and Pleven

  5. Main trade partners for direct importing of dental materials - Neobiotech - South Korea, YDM - Japan, Stoma - Germany, Medicept - United Kindom, R & S - France, Ancar - Spain, Ajax Dental - China, Almac Industries - Pakistan, Silfradent - Italy

  6. Company contact - e-mail: office@ralev-dental.bg, web-page: www.ralev-dental.bg, address - see below, phone numbers: +359 32 250606, +359 32 642056

Some older photograph of our company team, made in October 2013 during the dental show in Plovdiv

www.dentalimplants.bg    www.ralev-dental.bg    Our e-store for dental materials

Company address: Ralev Dental Inc.

"L. Karavelov" str. 9B

Plovdiv 4000


The company CEO and founder - dr. Ventseslav Ralev, maxillofacial surgeon and dentist